Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sal Shoots is blogging again!

Sally's life has taken yet another turn; Sal Shoots cruises right along with it!

Home base is now Bay City Michigan, although I still have my Traverse City ties. Of course I will be traveling whenever possible, with camera in hand. You will see changes in Sal Shoots website soon. Be sure a check out the new portfolio pieces. Some of my new clients are industrial businesses, which
are very interesting. I've recently documented amazing construction projects and have shot beautiful historic homes. I've had the pleasure to work with a wonderful academy school and I'm getting back into shooting fine art. As usual seeking additional food clients, my favorite shooting. Always networking and seeking new clients, the Great Lakes Bay Region has a ton of potential, I'm excited to be a part of the community providing my skills as a photographer and now a writer! Always on that new adventure so check back soon!

The photo is a view of downtown Bay City, looking across the Saginaw River.

Monday, February 8, 2010

How could we forget The H.O.T. Rally??????

Well I did, temporarily anyway. The H.O.T Howl-O-Ween Biker Bash, Groesbeck, TX. In spite of the rain, the party still kicked it up Texas style. Halloween Costumes on bikers, interesting for sure! Here's one of my favorite customers, a sweet southern bell from Louisiana on an amazing chopper too!

And these two HOT Mamas, they work hard for Texas Motorcycle Riders Association, Don't Mess With Texas holds true with these gals when it comes to bikers rights! Check out their website

Three Sisters-the heart of hill country-riding heaven!

After our wonderful visit to The Big Country, rejuvenated, geared up for our next adventure, we headed south again, Hill Country or bust. Three awesome riding roads, highways called FM 335, 336 and 337; affectionately called The Three Sisters. Cool Texas towns all around Medina, Leakey, Bandera and the friendly and welcoming Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. The whole crew are so gracious, we loved hanging with them. A must stop for riders of Three Sisters. Thanks Bob and Robin, we'll be back! We were so excited to set the studio up with their beautiful view as our backdrop. Check it out:

We had our nights to ourselves, not many after dark riders, too many curves, hills and suicidal deer. But the huge Texas Sky was amazing at night, no city lights, so many brilliant stars. Even though we sniffed out the camper door for smelly wild hogs before stepping out at night, this was the only hairy beast we incountered. Don't tell this little guy someone is after your bike-he gets really pissed!

More awesome customers, I am so fortunate to meet so many people in love! Give's me hope for this crazy world!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Big Country--- getting to know you........

I've been having fun remembering our ventures however I promise to keep up once I catch up, now when that is, well, you'll just have to check in once in a while. Mean while the story continues....

Remember my mentioning it's 200+ mile to about anywhere in Texas? This trip was that and more, lots more, miles and miles of miles and miles more. Since we traveled to the Big Country why not check it out for a bit. We met some real nice folks here and invited to hang with Jay and Buster and have some fun with our other new friends. Buffalo Gap is a cool little Texas town, tons of history, even before the wild wild west! The coutryside is so Texas, mesquite, cedars, cacti and nasty little teeny tiny burs that poke the shit out of you! This is red dirt country, that's some crazy dirt, looks cool but don't get it wet, slimy sticky squishy oozing flowing turn the rivers and lakes red, crazy dirt. Actually this area is quite beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised. Frontier Texas towns, all with there own character. We thought the Windmill Farms pretty awesome, would love to do a photo study of them someday. Here's a few pic's for now, I love the giant Armadillo! We're in Texas now baby!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Off to Abilene

Over the valley and through the mesquite to the ZOPS Rally we go. Back north through Austin, damn that traffic jam, then northwest towards Brownwood through rugged and rocky; cactus, twisted oak, mesquite and cedar covered Texas style northern hill country. Passing by countless goats, donkeys, horses and those famous REALLY HUGE Texas size steers. Past the PORK BUTT FRIDAYS sign, too bad it's Wednesday. Never more than a few miles from the nearest BBQ.

Our dinner stop town is next; Goldthwaite, which is really hard to spell let alone pronounce, especially since Texans seem to omit E's and do strange things with syllables. Peabody's Restaurant on the main drag was our destination, we like the family small town chow. We chowed all right; Texas Beef Steak Dinner for Two with all the fixin's!

ZOPS Rally in Abilene, our final stop. Interesting experience this our first rally in the great state of Texas, one could say life changing but isn't that most days. We made new friends though, one was even a singing cowboy named Truman; this tall Texan sure could sing, for hours too, amazing. This shot I did for the rally at Dyess Airforce Base, that was an unforgetful experience........

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Texas Hill Country

Wow, Texas Hill Country is amazing, rocky hills covered in mesquite, twisted oaks, cedars, not Michigan swamp cedars, southern water suckers whose pollen will git y'all's allergies. Speaking of twisted, ride a Hill Country road! More on this later, from the Three Twisted Sisters.

And they have Kangaroos there! No kidding! Giraffes too, Zebras, exotic animal huge auction houses too; going to rename this state Texafrica.

The Yankees are comming.......

Texas is HUGE! Every thing is bigger in Texas; these here Texans like to say. Everything is 200+ miles away I know that! Actually I knew that going in; just that the vastness amazes me, every new terrain, Texas has many types, all with a beauty of their own.

Heading diligently west then south past Dallas, Waco, Austin, damn that traffic jam, past San Marcus and finally to our first home base in New Braunfels. At the edges of Hill Country, waiting for us to explore, check out Shoot Mobile Studios potential future and ours.

Here's our first trip to Medina Lake!