Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our first rally on the road was Hogrocktober near Cave In Rock IL. You can find out more info on hogrock.com, they have the fall rally and then another in June. We have to say this was a really fun event, beautiful location, good people, good music and we will be back to this one. We made some new friends, Big Sue, Rita, Mark, Chris, Quinten; just to name a few and some of our vavorite vendors were there. We even got Cowboy and his really awesome horse in the studio! Shot our first calander man too! There's a few stories we cannot tell, not a 'G' rated event for sure. Here's a few picks, enjoy!

More Cave In Rock photos!

On The Road, Leaving Michigan

September was crazy busy for Sal and Adrienne getting all our poop in a group to hit the road. But we pulled it off and headed for our first stop in southern IL. The wind about blew us away pushing the RV all over the place, especially as we passed by Chicago. Called the windy city for good reason! Sal's arms were still feeling the grip of the steering wheel as she layed down that night, road weary but excited to be sarting the first leg of a lot of unknowns. We pulled into Cave In Rock State Campground in the middle of the night, finding a campsite to fit the RV with the van on the car dolly was our first adventure! We woke to a beautiful site, rolling green grassy tree covered hills all around us. Within a short time we were having coffee with our neighbors and now friends, Mike and Donna. We thought if this is any sign of things to come this is going to be a great adventure! We took a ride with Mike and Donna to Cave In Rock, what a mystical awesome place! Right on the Ohio River, a cave with so much history, indians, pirites, outlaws and who knows what took place there. We explored the area, sat on indian mounds and even found an arrowhead. The rock formations held faces of indians, it was sooooo cool! The photos will tell a bit of the story.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sal Shoots very first blog entry

Hello to the world wide web. I thought since I am in the beggining of a big adventure it would be fun to start a blog. A journal of my life on the road living like a gypsy, taking my photography skills on the road with my new business called Shoots Mobile Studios. A traveling commercial and portrait studio which is marketed moslty to the world of bikers. Motorcycles are beautiful and so are their people. Yeah, beautiful bikers; who would have thought. I have an awesome assistant now, Adrienne, more like a partner really because without her this whole gig would be hard to pull off. We have been meeting all kinds of people and have stories to tell although the names may change to protect the innocent. We'll keep an update on all the events we attend, rallies, cool places to ride and visit. We are just completing a season in Michigan and promise to turn out the lights when we head to Texas next month. It's been tough for the people of Michigan and wish wish them all the best as we head south for the winter. Check back soon and we'll tell you all about our summer here in this beautiful state we leave behind, not to worry we are loyal and we'll be back next summer. Hope you all enjoy our entries!