Sunday, January 10, 2010

Off to Abilene

Over the valley and through the mesquite to the ZOPS Rally we go. Back north through Austin, damn that traffic jam, then northwest towards Brownwood through rugged and rocky; cactus, twisted oak, mesquite and cedar covered Texas style northern hill country. Passing by countless goats, donkeys, horses and those famous REALLY HUGE Texas size steers. Past the PORK BUTT FRIDAYS sign, too bad it's Wednesday. Never more than a few miles from the nearest BBQ.

Our dinner stop town is next; Goldthwaite, which is really hard to spell let alone pronounce, especially since Texans seem to omit E's and do strange things with syllables. Peabody's Restaurant on the main drag was our destination, we like the family small town chow. We chowed all right; Texas Beef Steak Dinner for Two with all the fixin's!

ZOPS Rally in Abilene, our final stop. Interesting experience this our first rally in the great state of Texas, one could say life changing but isn't that most days. We made new friends though, one was even a singing cowboy named Truman; this tall Texan sure could sing, for hours too, amazing. This shot I did for the rally at Dyess Airforce Base, that was an unforgetful experience........

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