Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Sisters-the heart of hill country-riding heaven!

After our wonderful visit to The Big Country, rejuvenated, geared up for our next adventure, we headed south again, Hill Country or bust. Three awesome riding roads, highways called FM 335, 336 and 337; affectionately called The Three Sisters. Cool Texas towns all around Medina, Leakey, Bandera and the friendly and welcoming Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. The whole crew are so gracious, we loved hanging with them. A must stop for riders of Three Sisters. Thanks Bob and Robin, we'll be back! We were so excited to set the studio up with their beautiful view as our backdrop. Check it out:

We had our nights to ourselves, not many after dark riders, too many curves, hills and suicidal deer. But the huge Texas Sky was amazing at night, no city lights, so many brilliant stars. Even though we sniffed out the camper door for smelly wild hogs before stepping out at night, this was the only hairy beast we incountered. Don't tell this little guy someone is after your bike-he gets really pissed!

More awesome customers, I am so fortunate to meet so many people in love! Give's me hope for this crazy world!

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