Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sal Shoots very first blog entry

Hello to the world wide web. I thought since I am in the beggining of a big adventure it would be fun to start a blog. A journal of my life on the road living like a gypsy, taking my photography skills on the road with my new business called Shoots Mobile Studios. A traveling commercial and portrait studio which is marketed moslty to the world of bikers. Motorcycles are beautiful and so are their people. Yeah, beautiful bikers; who would have thought. I have an awesome assistant now, Adrienne, more like a partner really because without her this whole gig would be hard to pull off. We have been meeting all kinds of people and have stories to tell although the names may change to protect the innocent. We'll keep an update on all the events we attend, rallies, cool places to ride and visit. We are just completing a season in Michigan and promise to turn out the lights when we head to Texas next month. It's been tough for the people of Michigan and wish wish them all the best as we head south for the winter. Check back soon and we'll tell you all about our summer here in this beautiful state we leave behind, not to worry we are loyal and we'll be back next summer. Hope you all enjoy our entries!