Saturday, January 9, 2010


Packed it all up and hit the road towards Texas, made it to the beautiful Hot Springs Arkansas area, with a slight detour to find an RV spot; Adrienne saw their billboard. Getting into dark-thirty we headed down an unexplored highway, for us anyway. Well past dark-thirty, more like so F'n dark you could not see a thing except the narrow vegetation shouldered roughly paved very steep and windy road; did I mention it was dark; with strategically placed signage TAKE WIDE TURNS that led us to Cloud Nine RV park; the name should have given us a clue........

Only to be warmly greeted by the very kind owner of the park and saved by a very well placed cozy pull through spot, yeah baby! We woke to an amazing fog in golfed wonderland. Yet again to encounter Cloud Nine's keeper-we think an angel-she warmed our travel weary hearts and gave us encouraging words and off we went, Texas or bust!

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